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Inheritance Tax is considered by many to be an unfair tax and the rules surrounding it are complicated, I can review your assets, advise on your likely inheritance tax liability and ensure that your Will is drafted in such a way to ensure that it is as tax efficient as possible.

Lifetime Trusts

Most people know that they need a Will, but in many ways a power of attorney is more important. A power of attorney is effective during your lifetime and protects you in the event that you are unable to manage your affairs in the future. 

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) one deals with financial decisions and the other with decisions regarding health and welfare.  Both are very important and for more details see my blog dated the 6th of October 2017.


Also known as Living Wills, they are a formal document which allows you to decide what treatment you would wish to receive or not receive in the future, in case you cannot make that decision at that time. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Estate Planning

Vulnerable Beneficiaries

Most people know that a Will sets out what happens to your assets after you pass away, but it can also do so much more.

  • A Will appoints executors who are the people responsible for sorting everything out, they arrange the funeral, collect everything in, pay any debts or expenses and then distribute things in accordance with your wishes.
  • A Will appoints guardians for your children setting out who will be responsible for looking after them after your death.
  • A Will can deal with your personal possessions, making sure that your treasured items are passed in accordance with your wishes.
  • A Will can protect those you leave behind. 
  • A Will can ensure the tax efficiency of your estate

Advance Decision

I have many years experience in advising on the best ways of providing for vulnerable beneficiaries through your Will. It is important for everyone to make a Will but even more so when one of your loved ones is vulnerable, receiving a large inheritance outright can be damaging for a vulnerable person if not managed properly, please call me for a free initial discussion and ensure that the provision you leave does not cause more problems than it solves. 

Trusts can be a useful tool. They separate control of an asset from the entitlement to use it, this can be useful to protect your assets both now and in the future. There are many different types of trusts and for more details see my blog dated the 7th of October 2017.